Dan H. Tripp & Associates

Here at Dan H. Tripp & Associates, we take a consultative approach to all your personal and business insurance needs. We will assess not only your current situation, but help you plan for the future, as well.

Our team provides a wealth of experience and knowledge to every client, and will give you the professionalism and individual attention you want and deserve.


  • Certified Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning Expertise
  • Banking and mortgage loan assistance
  • Professional Realty experts
  • In-home care for your loved ones 
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Business insurance solutions, including buy-sell, overhead expense, and short- and long-term disability

Our Company at a Glance



Servicing All of S.E. Michigan for Over 25 Years

Some of the Benefits OF WORKING WITH US: 

Call for information at 313-478-4337 or email us at danhtripp@protect-the-check.com

  • Disability
  • Life
  • Business 
  • Long-Term Care
  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing

Taking Care of YOUR Business

What does your business need? What are your goals and objectives for your business?  Where do you see your business in 5 years? 10 years? And what about succession planning? Who will run your business after you've retired?  We will "dig deep" to help make sure your business is well-protected.