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Medicare Supplement

Plans to help pay Part A and Part B costs. 

Disability Income

Your income is your greatest asset. Let us help you protect it against injury or illness. 


Insurance is the language of LOVE

Your business and its profitability year after year is how you define success. We can protect your business and your employees, which will allow you to better sleep at night. Let us show you our array of products designed with your business in mind. 



We all know the story of the goose that laid the golden eggs. How the owner got so greedy that he had the goose killed in order to get all the gold at once. But when he opened the goose, he found......nothing. If anything happens to you, what will your family find? 

Each of us is that goose to our families, and the eggs are the paychecks we bring home. Insuring that those paychecks never stop, even if you're unable to work, insures they maintain their lifestyle. And isn't that what insurance is all about? I have available the very best in life, disability and long-term care solutions, no matter what generation you belong to.

Long-Term Care

Let us design a solution for to address your needs. 

Critical Illness

A great way to offset ACA deductibles.

As an independent agent, we are able to offer our clients peace of mind with life insurance from top insurers, whether it be term, UL or whole life. Life insurance offers many tax advantages and is an important part of any estate plan, regardless of size. Feel free to give us a call today for your free quote.

We are a Michigan-based business with 25 years' experience here to help you and your business. We say that insurance is the language of love, since it helps protect those people and things that you love and hold so dear. From personal and business needs to retirement planning and estate planning and beyond, we can protect your most valuable assets.



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